Saturday, July 2, 2011

Um. So. My brain is full.

I am a bridesmaid in my good friend, Jessi's wedding tomorrow, and therefore all I have on the brain are dresses, alterations, spanx, sparkly shoes, lilac nail polish, and the mile long list of to-do's before I must arrive at another friend's house {at 8am, yikes!} for hair and makeup.

I love getting dolled up, I love standing up with all my other besties and watching someone I love very much commit to their love forever. I have loved, loved, loved spending so much time with friends very dear to my heart, but being in a wedding is sure expensive! and i am looking forward to having a blast tomorrow and then enjoying the rest of the summer, financially free from all wedding costs!

and because this wedding has consumed all free time and space in brain, I have been a bit absent as of late. I DO promise to be back blogging sometime next week with loads of pictures, k?

Enjoy your 4th and all that the wonderful day means!!

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Dawn said...

Looking forward to those pictures. And you're right - the honor of being in a wedding is somewhat shadowed by the expense!

Danielle's wedding was so special!