Monday, June 27, 2011

just like that, i guess.

How do I tell you a story that reflects just how special my mother really was?

How do I express that I am still heartbroken, all these years later?

How do I show you that death did not change my image of her, that she really was an angel on earth?

How do I honor her memory effectively?

How can I say what she meant to me? How her life gave me life, but more than that, how her life fostered my dreams, gave unconditional love to the person I was/am? and then how can i possibly tell you how her death felt like an earthquake in my soul that I still have not recovered from?

How do I share with you that death does not scare me anymore, because on the sweet day I leave this earth, I will see her?

How, how, HOW do I DO it?


Dawn said...

I think you do it very well. I can't imagine having lost my mom at such a young age. In fact, I can't imagine it now, at this advanced age!

Mot Juste said...

Yep. Someday.