Sunday, November 15, 2009

The things we do for love...

The following things have kept me too busy/unmotivated to blog as of late:

-Breastfeeding my 3 month old who is going through a growth spurt(The words sore nipples don't do the  pain justice).
-Chasing/loving on/taking off counters and tables and everything else he can climb- a very VERY jealous Will. (I think he suddenly realized his baby brother is NOT going away.)
-Reading, reading, reading and then reading some more books to my five year old little guy who is doing a Reading Olympics thingee at school.
-Attempting(very poorly)to catch up the many chapters I am behind in my online math class.
-Pumping every ounce of extra milk left after my huge, hungry, almost 18 pound, 3 month old is done sucking the life out of me eating, so that I can start building up my breast milk stores for the four hour shifts I will soon start occasionally picking up at work.
-Buying sheets/pillows/frames/nightstand lamps/paint/rugs/furniture to FINALLY finish some much needed projects.
-Starting the immense task of Christmas shopping for FIVE kids!
-Catching up on the 20+ loads of laundry that have accumulated(and that's just at the present moment, it will prob. get worse before it gets better).
-Setting up some semblance of a schedule of spending time with my love.(which btw is pretty frickin' impossible in this house but we are working it out!!)

All this while: washing dishes, helping kids get on snow gear, teaching children to shut doors gently/put dirty clothes in the hamper/flush toilets/take their dishes to the sink, reorganizing closets, emptying dishwasher, vacuuming floors,gazing into the eyes of my perfect 3 month old, helping kids get (wet) snow gear off, going to doctor's appointments, getting our car(s) worked on/fixed, helping comb hair/brush teeth/pick out clothes, hugging as many children as I can as often as I can, grocery shopping, wrangling diapers on two very wiggly little creatures, and still have some time to take a shower everyday every third day.

Whew! I am tired.....and blessed...and thankful....and very unable/unwilling to update my blog.
See you sometime next year!