Friday, May 22, 2009

The Wiener Mobile...

It's the Wiener Mobile!! Matt was filling my car up with gas and happened to have the Wiener Mobile pull up beside him to fill up too. 
No, we don't eat hot dogs or meat of any kind, actually. 
However, a girl can still love the Wiener Mobile!
Happy Friday!

***Post coming soon with LOTS of pictures of my boys and my belly. ***

Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday!

****UPDATED: Wow! I just kept typing and typing earlier, with no thought to how LONG this post is. So, here is your warning: This post is LONG! :) IF you make it through, you will be rewarded with oodles of pictures on my next post.****

Have I mentioned how much I DESPISE Mondays?
I am a stay at home mom(well, mostly, I work 8 evenings a month) however I consider myself a stay at home mom. 
So, why would I dislike Mondays so?
Mondays are grocery day, preschool day for Mason, and general nuttiness at our house!
Usually the house is in desperate need of dishes to be done, the laundry has accumulated and yet it is a day full of running around that gives me little time to do this. 
I love my husband- very much- but he does not do dishes and laundry the way I do. I am kind of(ok, REALLY) particular about it. So I ask him not to do these things- at all. I think he's secretly thrilled. :)
However, I work every other weekend in the evening and while I am away, what a mess they make!! 
So....Mondays= madness!

Mason's preschool is in Loveland and about a half hour drive from our house. So, just to take him and bring him home is an hours drive, plus I do not want to drive ALL the way home and back again, so I kill time while he does his preschool thing. It takes up the day. 

However, preschool is almost over for my boy and then we are on to summer!! Don't think we are slowing down though- He is already signed up for 4 weeks of daily swim lessons and will shortly be signed up for a 4 week long sports program that focuses on a different sport each week. Mason is excited! He kept telling me he wanted to play basketball but The Parks and Recreation Dept. doesn't have basketball teams set up until 2nd grade. With this program, he will be learning a little about many different sports: basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. 

Will is in full walking mode now and is so proud of himself, toddling everywhere. He is not super steady on his feet but sure loves taking steps! He is also SLOWLY getting in his upper right tooth- it sure has been bugging the little man! Will is talking like crazy- copying everything Mama and Dada say. His favorite thing to say is, "Git doooowwwnnnn." He learned this from Matt and I repeating this over and over when he climbs the stairs. His other favorites are-up, thank you, mama, dada and go. That pretty much summarizes what he does all day- goes, gets up, gets down, says thank you, and loves on his mama and dada. He is into everything and is so, so curious about his world.

I am ending my 28th week of pregnancy and can't believe there will be another beautiful, busy boy here this summer!! I am so, so excited yet so, so scared and nervous. I am taking on a lot!
I am going on maternity leave from my PT position at the end of June and still am not sure if I will be going back or just strictly staying home with my boys.

 I am starting summer classes(online) June 1st through the summer and will probably be going full time in the fall. I haven't decided yet. If I go PT in the fall, I will probably keep my PT job. If I go FT in the fall, I will likely be leaving my part time position but staying on-call. I think FT school, three small kiddos AND working would be a bit much for me. With an on-call position, I have the option of picking up shifts. They do have some requirements about working at least two shifts a month yet they aren't too strict about it. Plus, it might be kind of nice to get out of the house for two shifts a month! I have a lot of decisions to make regarding the fall but am going to just take it one day at a time as I learn my new role of momma to THREE BOYS!

I am apprehensive about what this new little life is going to mean to Mr. Will. He just isn't at an age to fully comprehend everything. He has his own little baby doll, which he alternates between cuddling and smacking its head on the ground. I tell him about the baby in my tummy all the time and when he plays my belly like a drum, I talk to him about when the baby in Momma's tummy will come out. I have talked about the baby in my tummy along with his baby doll to help him associate the word, baby. I feel that when it is time for this little blessing to arrive, Will is going to think I abandoned him. When he comes to visit at the hospital, he is going to think he has been replaced. He is absolutely my baby and I don't think he is going to understand at first. I am most nervous about the time I will be in the hospital because I have never been away from him overnight and he still comes into our bed in the wee hours of the morning. This is something I am working on transitioning him out of yet I so feel that he is going to think he has been replaced. 

My wonderful, amazing, aunt will be flying out to stay with the boys while Matt, Baby Boy and I put in our time at the hospital. This is going to be great because Mason and Will will be able to stay in their house, with their routine and my aunt is more than happy to bring them both up to the hospital once a day (maybe more!) to visit. I have no concerns about them being cared for- they will have a blast with their Aunty Angela. I just worry about my little baby and all that this will mean for his tiny world, which pretty much revolves around his momma. I know we will get through it and once Matt and I are home to love, love, love on him, I won't be so worried. It's mostly the time away that concerns me. I have even thought about having him sleep with us at the hospital at night, but honestly don't know if I am up for two under two, at the hospital, while recovering from the C-section I will likely have. 

Are there any blogger mamas who have done this before that have tips/suggestions to ease this time period for Will?

Anyway, off to make lunch and run my big guy off to preschool. Have a great, MANIC Monday!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lazy Saturday: Puking Included.

We have our whole brood of 6 together this weekend! 
Unfortunately, Mr. Mason is sick. :(

He has all the essentials: water, blanket, comfy couch to relax on, cartoons and 'The Puke Bucket'(see pink bucket below-don't worry, I washed it out after each round of puking). You know what I mean if you have kids that have ever thrown up. A certain bucket or bowl gets designated 'The Puke Bucket.' That is ours.

Mason starts to feel better and wants to run and play with Daph and Jack, then needs to puke again and goes back to resting for a bit.


Thankfully, the rest of the kids are up for a laid back morning of pancakes, pajamas and cartoons.

Except for poor Mason. He keeps asking me if he can have a pancake however I am a bit hesitant after all the puking. I gave him a banana to take bites of slowly and have promised to give him a pancake if he can keep that down. I just have a feeling as soon as he eats it, it will make a reappearance. 

Meanwhile Will is snoozing in his bed. I think he may have an ear infection. He has been unusually whiny, tugging at his ear, and wanting to lay his head down every couple minutes, on the left side only(the side he has been tugging at).

Excuse the naked pillow. The pillowcase for it is in the wash.

We hope to be on the mend soon. :)
Hope you all in blogging land are having a sick-free and pancake-full Saturday!