Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lazy Saturday: Puking Included.

We have our whole brood of 6 together this weekend! 
Unfortunately, Mr. Mason is sick. :(

He has all the essentials: water, blanket, comfy couch to relax on, cartoons and 'The Puke Bucket'(see pink bucket below-don't worry, I washed it out after each round of puking). You know what I mean if you have kids that have ever thrown up. A certain bucket or bowl gets designated 'The Puke Bucket.' That is ours.

Mason starts to feel better and wants to run and play with Daph and Jack, then needs to puke again and goes back to resting for a bit.


Thankfully, the rest of the kids are up for a laid back morning of pancakes, pajamas and cartoons.

Except for poor Mason. He keeps asking me if he can have a pancake however I am a bit hesitant after all the puking. I gave him a banana to take bites of slowly and have promised to give him a pancake if he can keep that down. I just have a feeling as soon as he eats it, it will make a reappearance. 

Meanwhile Will is snoozing in his bed. I think he may have an ear infection. He has been unusually whiny, tugging at his ear, and wanting to lay his head down every couple minutes, on the left side only(the side he has been tugging at).

Excuse the naked pillow. The pillowcase for it is in the wash.

We hope to be on the mend soon. :)
Hope you all in blogging land are having a sick-free and pancake-full Saturday!

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