Tuesday, July 30, 2013

therapy is therapeutic. imagine that.

Confession: I am seeing a therapist and I love her!! 

I have long been told by my doctor that a counselor of some sort can be super beneficial to those with bipolar disorder. 

And I have not listened for a long time. 

Then I started to just feel really unhappy. Unfulfilled. I needed some direction in my life. My heart was yearning for change and growth. 

A friend recommended her therapist to me. We are working on so much: 

my self esteem
learning how to communicate more effectively
letting go of bad habits
the psychological reasons behind my emotional eating and eating issues
being kind and compassionate to myself
meditating and grounding myself- such a cool concept that helps the manic Nicole focus.

For the first time in a long while, I feel hopeful for the future. 
(A lot of this also has to do with FINALLY working with my doctors (yes, plural)  on a regular basis to adjust, experiment, and figure out the right combo of medications that will work for me. 

I am in a really good place, and learning to accept me for who I am- the good and the "bad".