Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's the little things...

It's all about the little things in life.

Like feeling deeply loved by your husband even though he is states away.

Like laying next to my sweet baby and spending 10 straight minutes watching his chest rise and fall.

Like having a quiet, peaceful night with just my sweet baby Will and I. (It's Mason's night to be at his dads.)

Like feeling just how incredibly blessed I am.

Like feeling so excited for the future, but finally learning to live in the present and appreciate what I have been given.

Like realizing just how much like my Mama I really am, and with that, realizing just how proud of me she would be-proud of the parts that are just like her and proud of the parts that are just like me.

It's absolutely all about the little things...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday- Round 2


It's been a week since I last posted and I can't think of a better way to break the silence than with another round of Not Me Monday.

- I did not sneak down to the basement, on my lunch break, to check MckMama's blog. I did not know that the internet at our facility is only for residents. No, that was not me who knowingly broke the rules to satisfy my obsession.

-I did not almost pee my pants when I had an email in my inbox from MckMama in reply to me wanting to buy some Stellan bracelets. I mean, really, I am 24 years old, I don't get excited when MckMama emails me, as if she were a celebrity. 

- I did not pick up Will's binky after it fell on the floor at the old people's home, wipe it on my shirt, call it good and stick it back in the kid's mouth. Not me, I would definitely not do that!

- I did not sit on my butt all weekend with my husband and the kids, instead of accomplishing the 3,000 things around here to get our house finished. 

- I did not pop my breast out of my shirt to nurse Will, in front of several other moms and a dad at the park because my child was hungry and they can look the other way.

- I did not find out some news this last week which rocked me to the very core. This news did not make me scared, excited, happy and sad all within the same minute.

- I did not bawl uncontrollably in my husband's arms last night.

-I did not just leave you all in the dark about said news. 
What have you NOT done this week? 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

I am following in the HUGE footsteps of MckMama and participating in my first Not Me Monday!
Her story and life are inspiring and completely addicting!

- I did not have to wash the same load of laundry three times last week because I kept leaving it in the washer and got busy with other things.

-I did not placate my son with way too much Halloween candy so I could look at blogs. 

-I did not put off my son's nap time to an hour and a half later than normal, 2 days last week, just because I was enjoying my time with him. 

-I did not, then, have a very cranky 4 year old boy, come bedtime. 

-I did not go out in public this last week with baby puke all over my jeans.

-I did not hand a very awake and playful baby Will to a sleeping Matt this weekend, just because I was wide awake and wanted my husband to be too. (Sorry, babe!)

- I did not miss my 7 month old so much that instead of letting him sleep when I arrived home from work, woke him up to nurse. (Hey, I needed relief!)

-I then did not keep him up by playing with him and staring into his eyes for another 30 minutes.

- I did not let my baby sleep in bed with me, just because I wanted him as close as possible, even though I knew I should probably not put him in his bassinet, to  not give Matt and I more room in bed.

What did you NOT do this week?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Get Sump-ing"

I am so fortunate to be able to stay home with my boys. My husband works hard to make it possible for me to spend just about every waking moment with Mason and Will. However,I do have the option of working some hours with my on-call job at an Assisted Living facility, a position I held onto from the days of being a single mother. That basically means if someone calls in sick or needs time off, they call me. I can take the shift or not take the shift and it gives me lots of freedom and some extra spending cash. 

  I worked the evening shift last night and tonight and I arrived home about 11:30. Mason, as most of you know, does the whole "every other weekend" thing with his dad. I was at work when Matt picked him up. I was at work when he went to bed. I haven't seen him since Friday afternoon and it never gets easier having to share my son. I am blessed that I only have to share him so minimally- and if you knew his father, you would really think I am blessed to only have to share him so minimally. However, I still miss him like CRAZY and it was hard for me to not be home when he came home. 

If ever I do work and come home after he is in bed, I tiptoe into his room and tell him good night. Sometimes he wakes up, sometimes he doesn't. However, I always promise him I will tell him good night when I come home and I keep that promise!

So, tonight...I tiptoe into his room, climb up the ladder on his bunk-bed(he sleeps on top),hug my boy and whisper, "I love you." Tonight, he woke up. My Mason says to me, "Get sump-ing"(translation: something). I ask him what he said, just to make sure I heard him correctly. He repeats, "Get sump-ing." I ask him what I should get. Mason tells me, in a sleepy whisper,  "A kiss," and plants one of his "smoochy kisses" on my lips. He then lays back down and is fast asleep again in seconds. 

  I think I just fell more in love with my beautiful, firstborn son, if that's even possible. That 30 seconds in his room reconfirmed to me how truly blessed I am to have this resilient, sweet-hearted, 4 year old entrusted to me. I love my Mason.

This is a 3 year old, cellphone version of Mason, but peaceful, sleeping boy nonetheless.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween comes late on my blog...

As promised, here are some pictures of our Halloween night with our 4 kids. We went over to Matt's parents neighborhood to trick-or-treat.
This is one of his mom's pumpkin creations. 

Mason was an awesome pirate! He had the arggghhh down pat. Plus, any excuse for a little boy to carry a sword, is welcomed.

Jack was Harry Potter. The costume was complete with cape, wand, glasses and a jagged scar on the forehead. So cute!

Our vampire girl. Her face in this picture freaks me out a little- she played the part well.

Our sweet Will was a sock monkey. He is such a laid back baby, he just went with the flow all night. 

Until we saw this:

This figure actually took the face part off and there was this really awesome green light underneath. That's what I was showing Will because he loves colors but he was not thrilled.

After the traumatic experience, he needed some love and kisses from his mama.

Mama kisses always restore Will, even at his grumpiest.

And the trick or treating continued well into the night...

Now, would someone please come take all this candy off our hands before I eat another piece?


 There have been many requests from family and friends and so, I present to you: MY BLOG! I am thrilled to have a place to update everyone as to what's going on in the world of us and post pictures of my georgeous kids! Going to be putting up some late Halloween pictures tonight.
Until then...