Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday- Round 2


It's been a week since I last posted and I can't think of a better way to break the silence than with another round of Not Me Monday.

- I did not sneak down to the basement, on my lunch break, to check MckMama's blog. I did not know that the internet at our facility is only for residents. No, that was not me who knowingly broke the rules to satisfy my obsession.

-I did not almost pee my pants when I had an email in my inbox from MckMama in reply to me wanting to buy some Stellan bracelets. I mean, really, I am 24 years old, I don't get excited when MckMama emails me, as if she were a celebrity. 

- I did not pick up Will's binky after it fell on the floor at the old people's home, wipe it on my shirt, call it good and stick it back in the kid's mouth. Not me, I would definitely not do that!

- I did not sit on my butt all weekend with my husband and the kids, instead of accomplishing the 3,000 things around here to get our house finished. 

- I did not pop my breast out of my shirt to nurse Will, in front of several other moms and a dad at the park because my child was hungry and they can look the other way.

- I did not find out some news this last week which rocked me to the very core. This news did not make me scared, excited, happy and sad all within the same minute.

- I did not bawl uncontrollably in my husband's arms last night.

-I did not just leave you all in the dark about said news. 
What have you NOT done this week? 


BluRayn said...


I'm new to Not Me thing so this is my first week posting and first week checking out a bunch of the other posters. But I'll be back here to find out the about suspense!!!

Janaque said...

Ok... you didn't just leave me hangin. And you don't suck for doing so. :) :)