Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween comes late on my blog...

As promised, here are some pictures of our Halloween night with our 4 kids. We went over to Matt's parents neighborhood to trick-or-treat.
This is one of his mom's pumpkin creations. 

Mason was an awesome pirate! He had the arggghhh down pat. Plus, any excuse for a little boy to carry a sword, is welcomed.

Jack was Harry Potter. The costume was complete with cape, wand, glasses and a jagged scar on the forehead. So cute!

Our vampire girl. Her face in this picture freaks me out a little- she played the part well.

Our sweet Will was a sock monkey. He is such a laid back baby, he just went with the flow all night. 

Until we saw this:

This figure actually took the face part off and there was this really awesome green light underneath. That's what I was showing Will because he loves colors but he was not thrilled.

After the traumatic experience, he needed some love and kisses from his mama.

Mama kisses always restore Will, even at his grumpiest.

And the trick or treating continued well into the night...

Now, would someone please come take all this candy off our hands before I eat another piece?

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Amber said...

The chitlins are adorable!!! I love Halloween, it's such a fun time...I forgot to take some candy yesterday! You guys got all the good stuff too!