Friday, June 17, 2011

the end of thankful week but NOT the end of thankful.

I had previously promised you all that I would do a post each day this week. And I did not. And I do not feel a bit guilty. 

It is not easy for me to view the positive over negative. Most days, I fail. I get so overwhelmed, so frustrated. 

Currently, I am sitting at a counter COVERED in oatmeal and to say my sink is overflowing with dishes would be an understatement. I really have to push myself to focus on what really matters. 

It's not dishes. Or laundry. Or a perfectly organized, always clean home. Sure, it's nice when the house is picked up. 

What really matters though are these little lives that need me to be present: to love them, to hold them, to teach them, to be taught. 

This is a big goal of mine for the year: Appreciate more. Notice the good. Let go of not being able to control everything. I am slowly doing it. And it feels great. 

***Thank you so much for the love this week, friends. ***

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