Monday, June 20, 2011

the saga of my right foot.

Last week, I was attempting to clean the kitchen. On attempt #1, I bumped into and sent a syrup dish crashing to the ground. I swept it all up and in the process stepped on some glass. I changed some butts, put babes to bed and attempted to finish cleaning.

I was nearly through in my kitchen when I opened up the fridge to put food away and a jar of salsa sooommeeonnne had shoved in the fridge (me!) fell right on top of my foot and smashed into pieces. It cut the top of my foot. This was when I said- Screw it, I am done! And I pretty much was anyway.

Well, that cut on the bottom of my right foot seemed awfully painful. I thought it was just healing and let it be. I can now feel the glass poking into my foot every time I take a step and there is blood pooling under my skin, where it is apparently stabbing me. It is excruciating to walk on, getting worse by end of day.

 I really, truly believe in letting things heal naturally, with the thought that it would come out on its own. But it's not. And I also really, truly believe this is when doctors serve their purpose. I have been leaning on the left side of my right foot for over a week, hobbling along. With three small children I am responsible for during the week, and five on weekends, PLUS an upcoming camping trip out of town and ALSO a friend's wedding I am walking in 3 weeks away, it is time to get it taken care of.

I am off to the doctor in about an hour to have my foot cut open. Wish me luck!

**Updated: My foot was cut open{after some extremely painful numbing shots, I might add}, glass discovered, and removed, and I am good to go. The doctor said my foot is very infected however all should heal up perfectly since the glass is now out of my foot.**

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