Tuesday, June 21, 2011

these are the moments i thank God that i'm alive.

Sometimes I forget that I am blessed. Sometimes I forget that all they want is my love, my nurturing.  Sometimes I just forget. And then sometimes I remember. 

::Theo was crying and crying. "Buddy, WHAT do you WANT?!" "want mama, " with his arms outstretched.::

::The boys were playing outside. I was doing dishes, where I can watch and hear them through the open window. Theo was running, fell and ate it. Will helped him stand up, took his hand and said, "Let's get Mama. Mama make it all better!"::

I really am your gift. I am not just a little person who needs to be "raised" and taught, and taken to activities....I came to the people in my life to bring a message: slow down. Feel. Be. Over and over again. When you do, you will notice immediately, that I am not an obstacle to your work, or inconvenience to your daily life. Instead, you will come to appreciate my honesty, humor, presence and love."- Bruce Scott

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Dawn said...

So special. The littles just want to be held so much lately. They say, "Hold you, Hold you!"