Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The word of the day is sandwiches.

Today could not have been more perfect.

My boys slept in until 9am. NINE AM, FOLKS!! Which means, so did I.

I gave them toast with peanut butter and oranges for breakfast and then hopped in the shower. And took a shower from start to finish {including shaving!} with no tantrums from either the 2 or 3 year old and no arguments between the 7 and 3 year old.

Showering by 10am just doesn't happen to this mama. So I was THRILLED! and feeling brave enough to venture out of this house...

Packing us all up was easy-breezy, and we were out of the house 30 mins later and headed to meet a friend at the splash park, picnic supplies in car.

My kids all listened, ate pb&j sandwiches, played in the splash area, I REMEMBERED to put sunscreen on my kids before we got there, I was able to watch and play with my boys AND chat with my beautiful friend. It.was.perfect!

After 2 hours,we left {with no objections from any kids!} and decided to take advantage of Sonic's Happy Hour!  Four drinks for $3.00! Can't beat that!

On the way home, we were driving right by Mason's dad's grandma {does that make sense?} so since Theo was sleeping and we had an extra drink, we stopped by. Mason ran up to the door and nana came out to visit with us for 20 minutes. Then we had the car ride home, with no screaming! {There is usually always screaming}

We came home where one boy laid down for a late nap, one boy watched Matilda {Will's new fave} and one boy played with his Lego Star Wars. I read a blog, did some dishes, read a blog, folded towels and so on and so on.

Matt will be home soon, Theo will be up from his nap soon and we plan to take some Tofurkey sandwiches to a downtown square we have locally. They have sculptures for kids to play on, a fountain to throw pennies into and shop windows galore to gaze into. And there just may be an ice cream shop smack in the middle.

Then home for bed.

Perfect, no?


Dawn said...

Perfect, yes. You could not orchestrate it any better. I relate with the screaming in the car.

We just got back from a wonderful bike ride, after a dinner for two, which doesn't happen often these days. Good time.

Stacia said...

Definitely sounds perfect!

I had to giggle at Will - Charlotte went through a phase where she LOVED Matilda and begged to watch it all the time:)

Kym said...

Perfect! Jackson went through a Matilda phase too!