Saturday, July 30, 2011

up and down and round and round

Thumbs Up: I have been taking a new medication for my bi-polar depression!

Thumbs Down: This medication makes me as tired as a first trimester pregnant woman, while I get used to it. I fell asleep on the couch Tuesday for 20 minutes when all the kids were up! Yikes!

Thumbs Up: It's the weekend! which means I am currently spending two straight days with my love, and all our little people! Woot woot!

Thumbs Down: I counted over 40 mosquito bites between Will & Theo this week after they got out of bed. I think a mosquito {or two} made its way into their room. My poor babes.

Thumbs Up: Today we are having a birthday party at the park for Jack {whose bday was last week} and Theo {whose birthday is next week}. I am super excited to celebrate our boys and visit with friends and family!

{and because I would rather end on a good note}

Thumbs Up: I have heard from so many wonderful, new readers this week! Thank you so much everyone for all the comment love!

Tell me....what has you up & down today?

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Stacia said...

Thumbs down: *Will's out of town for 2 weeks. We've just finished out the first week. *Broken washer *Spiders

Thumbs up: *Even though I'm single parenting for a couple weeks - everything is going really well! I feel really on top of everything (for once!) *Got ALL my laundry done this weekend at my parents' house for FREE! *Mt. Dew. Amen.