Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random strangers: take note

A couple things:

#1. Despite what you may think, I do NOT need your parenting advice. Just because my parenting style is not the same as yours, does not mean either one of us is wrong. As long as I am not physically harming my children {which I am not}, what works for your family is fine for you and what works for my family is fine for me.  OPEN YOUR MIND.

#2. I realize that by having multiple children, many people think I know everything about raising babies. Guess what? I don't! Each of my kids is a new child, with a new personality, and each one responds differently. I have a lot of experience raising babes but my children and I are learning with each other, and I don't know everything so please try and use the same compassion you would give a new mother.

#3. When you see me and my children out in public, please try to understand that you are viewing less than 15 minutes of my life and my kids. You have no clue what has just happened in the car, on the way in or what our particular kids excel at or struggle with.

#4. I know that having 3-5 kids on any given day is bound to draw attention to us anywhere we are, whether it's the grocery store or the library. Guess what else? We do not like to be stared at. If you want to talk to us, come talk to us. Have a question? Ask. {as long as it abides by the previously stated guidelines} But, please, don't gawk. Yes, we have five children and our hands are very full, but so are our hearts. :)

#5. And this is most important: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

I sincerely hope this penetrates the brain of the better than thou parents I keep running into.
Parenting is hard, people. For all of us in different ways- try your hardest not to judge.

**Rant over.**


Dawn said...

Good one. If I had a dollar for every time I'm out with the girls (whether it's the twins or all 4, or even 3) and someone says, "You have your hands full!" - I could die rich.
Yesterday at Baskin Robbins, the girls were sitting around a table, eating very nicely. A very nice older gentleman said, nicely, "Is this a day care?" At least he didn't say it judgmentally.

Hang in there, Mommy. You're doing a great job. And ignore the ignorant!

Marianne said...

amen and double amen. there are days i don't leave the house because i just can't take my parenting skills (or lack) judged by the looks of complete strangers.

From someone who knows you, has seen you for at least 15 minutes with your kids, and senses how much you love them- you are an AMAZING mom and I honestly admire and look up to you. I am not just being nice, but you are my point of reference for motherhood. eat that strangers.

Mot Juste said...

If I have children I am going to you first with my questions, so you better be ready to give me some answers! ;)