Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i want to run away

Anywhere else but here is fine. 

How many times do you tell your 3 year old to pick up his tracks? Because I have just told him for the 45,000th time and its still not happening. Timeouts? those arent working. Spankings? ha.haha. that's a joke. It seems the only thing that does work is supervising him through every.darn.second. of pickup. And that, friends is just exhausting. And I don't have time for it.
My 7 year old is in his bed for the night {at 5pm} because of his straight up attitude all day, non stop, every moment. AND he lost going to see the new Harry Potter movie with me tonight. 

and Theo? Well, Theo is just sweet. However, after dealing with his two crazy brothers and a doctors office that prescribed me a new med which cost $400 out of pocket{yeah,not happening}, which then resulted in phone call after phone call BACK to the doctors office which I spent ALLLLL Morning at, WITH my three boys in tow, just to get ANOTHER prescription FINALLY at 5pm, and DURING that time there was an entire container of brown sugar spilled unto the floor and an errand to run a box {yes, a box} to Matt's work, poor Theo is not getting much of his mama!

Yep. It's time to run away. 
Even if it's just to Starbucks.


Dawn said...

I get it. I feel like that, too and I'm the grandma!

7 year olds can have attitude, that's for sure! I want the sweet little girl back.

Mason got a huge punishment, that I'm sure he'll remember. Hang in there!

Nicoolmama said...

Thanks Dawn! You sure are an awesome grandma to your four precious granddaughters!

Sarah Scriberson said...

run away! I feel like that sometimes. I too have a (mostly) sweet-hearted Theo (age 5) and an almost 7 year old with (at times) more attitude than I would reasonably expect from a 16 year old. And....that's it. No three extra kids. You definitely deserve a latte or beverage of your choice as they say. : )