Friday, July 29, 2011

ha. hahaha. ha.

If I am not perfect as a spouse, then I am definitely not perfect as a mother. I have been rocking this gig for 7 years and by rocking, I mean: trying, trying, trying and failing often. 

It's trial and error, friends. And laughing at yourself a LOT! And if you are a parent, you already know that. If I had to think of one piece of best parenting advice, it would be this: 

Have fun and enjoy your children. 

I struggle with this often- in fact, I am struggling with this today. 9 year old girls are no joke. Neither are boys- of all ages. And there do have to be rules and consequences for breaking them, and all that. But life is short. SUPER DUPER SHORT! I surely do not want to wake up tomorrow and wish I would have done more fun outings, smiled more, laughed with my kids more, hugged them more.

I try sooo hard to remember that for kids, playing and being silly is their job. That's how they learn and grow and their sweet innocence about it all is meant to teach us {the boring adults} as much as we need to teach them.

Mas'o'bass rocking it out!

So, while I can never get it just right {bc hey I am still human} I say, HAVE FUN! 
and THAT is my best parenting advice!

Kelly's Korner is hosting a link up with your best parenting tips. Feel free to add your 2¢!


ck said...

Hello cousin-in-law! I was looking through the links on Kelly's page, and smiled when I recognized your blog name :-) I have said it before, and I'll say it again - you are a very wise woman. I couldn't agree more with your advice, even though I struggle mightily with it (especially when it's 105 degrees outside for the millionth day in a row....) Have a happy weekend!

Tina Michelle said...


Stacia said...

Perfect advice, again. This is hard to keep in mind, but like you said - just keep trying!