Saturday, July 16, 2011

{It's 12am, I am exhausted, and other random thoughts}

The good 'Ol insomnia bug has made it's way into my head! And it's fuuuunnnn.

I also don't sleep when Matt goes out of town, but the plus side to sleeping by myself? I love freezing cold sheets, but they warm up fast and when I have the WHOLE bed to myself, I get the whole bed of cold sheets!

I have decided to start canning some homemade jam. I read a blog post about it and it seems fairly simple. Please tell me if it is really not, because simple is all I can handle these days.

I started an Encouragement folder in my email. I put inspiring quotes I find in there, nice things people say (via fb, blog and/ or person to person). When I am having a down day, I go read through the folder. It's a bit silly but it works. Truly.

I am currently watching The Sopranos and am highly jealous that Matt falls asleep the moment his head hits the darn pillow!

I wish I had my phone with me upstairs because my aunt is also a night owl (hi aunty enchilada!) and we have good chats in the hours between 10p-1a. I am too lazy to walk downstairs and get it.

We are having pancakes in the morning (my matty makes the BEST, from scratch pancakes) and Will has been asking and asking. I think he gets sick of my breakfasts. I dole out lots of toast, eggs, cereal, bars, bananas, and oatmeal. But not all together, of course. I am NOT the cook in this family. I do bake well though!

Typing out this blog post, on my iPad no less, has finally! made! me! sleepy! And so I bid thee adieu...

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Sarah said...

You should check out Pinterest for more inspiring quotes! It's a site with TONS of inspiring things. Send me your email and I'll send you an invite if you want!!