Thursday, July 14, 2011

Missing my hammock...

Here in these Colorado parts, the afternoon rain storm has become something fierce! There is flooding in many parts of the state, and you just never know when you will be caught in a downpour.

Add in the extreme heat {ok, it's probably not extreme for some but it IS for ME!}, and the crazy vicious mosquitos this year, along with a city that has not sprayed for the buggers yet, and being in my backyard is not so fun. Even with heavy duty bug spray my kids are still coming in with welts from the bites.

We have a lot of splash park playdates, trips to the air conditioned mall play area, and ice cream runs. I am really missing the spring days where I could take a book and a drink to my lovely hammock.

Oh spring, how I miss your calm. 

I cannot do this now or I would have 15 bites in 30 seconds.

ahhh, bliss.

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Dawn said...

But - we don't have to pay for every drop of water to keep the lawn green! It has been pretty extreme, though.

I don't recall spring being blissful this year - lots of cold, rain, snow, wind, cold. But then I don't have a hammock that I'm missing.