Friday, February 27, 2009 name is Death.

Ugh. I am miserable. Everyone else has moved on from this gunk and yet mine lingers. My cold is now mixed with partial flu. 

It just wasn't fun enough with a snotty nose running like a faucet, sneezing every half second, a continual headache that feels like someone is beating my head with a hammer AND feeling like it also needs to pop off to relieve the tension. 

No, now let's add to that the body aches, the going from hot to cold and back to hot in under 5 minutes, the puking, and other intestinal joys that come along with the flu. 

I spent all of yesterday confined to the couch, in between trips to the bathroom and kitchen. Thank goodness I just had Will home yesterday. I would get up, dizzy and spinning, to grab Will a bottle or some baby food, take him back to the couch and feed him. I played with him on the couch, he laid with me and watched tv shows all day. At naptime(he takes two 2-3 hour naps a day) he went up in his bed. The rest of the time, he hung out with his sick mama.  Poor baby!

When Mason came home from his dad's Thursday evening, you could tell Will was just overjoyed that he had someone to play with. I think he was a little burned out on Mom. 

Today is a bit better. I don't know if I am just sick of having my butt glued to that couch or if I really am feeling good enough that I want to be up. I feel like I have been run over. Plus, with TWO kids at home, staying on the couch all day just isn't an option.

Next time I get sick, I am hiring a nanny.

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