Monday, February 23, 2009

All about my babies

Today is my 16 week checkup( a week late). :(

I am a little worried. I have not felt this baby move a whole lot. The doctor will probably tell me that it is still too early to feel the baby move at all. However, I felt both of my boys moving early on in my pregnancy(Mason- 13 weeks, Will-9 weeks) and then continued to feel them moving, quite A LOT until the very end. 

I have felt this little one move less than 10 times and it has been several weeks since I have felt anything. It scares me. Can I insist on an ultrasound if I am completely freaked out?

Part of me also thinks, Maybe it's a girl and my boys were just SUPER active and that's why I am not feeling much.

My sweet 10 month old baby has turned into a not so sweet baby when 3 am rolls around. Will goes to sleep in his bed until the middle of the night when he wakes up and comes in ours. Usually, he goes back to sleep. He is protesting sleep now from about 3-6 am. After trying everything I (and Matt) could think of, I finally put him back in his bed. He cried for about 3 minutes and then fell fast asleep. 

Maybe he is just trying to prepare me for the baby?

Anyway, better hop in the shower and get this day rolling. Well, rolling for me. The day is well on a roll for my kids. My 4 year old is in timeout for talking back and my 10 month old is covered in teething biscuit remnants. I am off! Will update later about my appt.

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