Monday, February 16, 2009

A late Not Me Monday and My Firstborn.

I am a sucky blogger. I promise more pictures and then I don't deliver. Better late than never?

My family has been keeping me awfully busy these days- between taxiing Mason around to preschool, storytimes, parks(when it's warm), mall(when it's not), etc. and keeping Will out of toilets and outlets and generally making sure my cruising 10 month old stays out of trouble, there is not much time for anything else.

 Oh, except working two evenings a week, doctor's appointments, registering Mason for kindergarten, parent-teacher preschool conferences, getting new tires for my LandRover, fulfilling recent cravings for Hershey's Cookies and Creme bars and Mexican food, purchasing a dining room table set, celebrating my father-in-law and my brother-in-law's birthdays, staying connected with my girlfriends and let's not forget- spending precious time with my husband.

As you can see, blogging takes last place. Sorry! (not really)


Anyhow, seeing as how I have not participated in Not Me Monday for several weeks, I am back!!

MckMama hosts this crazy carnival of fun AND if you want to read more tales of what other bloggers have NOT been doing this week- head on over to her blog! 

-This week, I did not walk in on my baby boy eating dog poo. I would not be unaware that the dog had even pooped in the house, let alone that my sweet baby was consuming the poo. EW! 

-After finding the baby with mouth full of poo, I did not hesitate for 20 seconds, leaving my baby with 20 more seconds of full mouth of poo, to ponder what to do.

-After then not hesitating, I did not then decide to finger sweep the poo out of my baby's mouth. That would be gross and I did not do such a thing!

-My 10 month old did not get upset that I took said poo away from him. 

-I did not take Will's binky out of his mouth for some reason, only to not forget to give it back and go walking around Target with a binky in my mouth.

-I did not have a complete conversation with myself while getting into my car this week. 

-I did not then look over and see the car next to me did not have people in it. 

-They most certainly were not laughing at me!

What did you not do this week??


And now.....for the BEST part of this post....I present to you:

Isn't he handsome? true Nicole form, my posted pictures are already outdated. Mason has a new, VERY cool spiky 'do. I will get pictures up soon. Do you believe me? Honestly though...I will.

Mason has been having a blast at preschool this week. They are working on the letter 'R', learning their phone number, and all about the moon. They also have 'The BugMan' coming on Wednesday to teach them neat songs about bugs. 

When I was telling him about 'The BugMan' , Mason looked at me disbelievingly and said, " I don't know about that Mom- who told you that?" I was rolling. 

He is such a funny, kind-hearted, helpful, smart little guy. I am in disbelief when I think about my oldest turning 5 in under two months. And in even more disbelief when I think of him starting school in 6 months. However, I have some time until then- so let's change the subject- back to Mason's handsome face. 
Ahh....that face. I love my big guy. Spending time with him is one of the greatest joys of my life!

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Anonymous said...

Mason is the most handsome redhead in the entire world!
I love him bunches,xooxxxx
Aunt Angela