Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Business, Gall Bladders, and one Handsome Baby Boy!

Matt is on a business trip in Atlanta and will be back late tomorrow night. Mason is at his dad's house for an overnight.'s just Will and I. He is eating up the one on one attention!

Is it pathetic that it's only been 7 hours and I already miss Matt? Wait...don't answer that. 


Matt, Will and I came home Friday night after meeting his parents for pizza and beer( beer for them, not me :) ) . We had not been home 10 minutes when I felt this sharp, stabbing pain in my upper abdomen and another sharp pain that went from my lower back up to in between my shoulder blades. The pain was so intense, all I could do was moan and stay hunched over. It kept coming in waves.

 I decided to get in a hot tub of water- that usually helps any pain I have. The pain did subside and I was immediately exhausted- I could have fallen asleep in the tub. I decided to get out and the pain came again.  I was a little worried as to why I would be in so much pain and concerned it could have something to do with the baby.  Matt suggested I lay down because we had been going-going-going all day and I had been on my feet A LOT. I did and fell asleep. 

I was up at midnight with intense pain again, however I was thinking it was Braxton-Hicks contractions. My doctor had told me that with my 3rd, they would come quite a bit sooner in my pregnancy and might even be painful. I took some Tylenol at midnight and we went up to bed. 

In the morning, I was still hurting, however it was now more like cramping. I told Matt I thought I needed to go to the hospital. He suggested we first try to walk a little and see if it helped. We went out with Will and ran some errands and my pain kept increasing, so after our last errand, he took me to the hospital. 

After a very short exam, the ER doc stated it was my gall bladder. He told me there is a hormone in pregnancy that can disrupt the normal function of the gall bladder or I could have stones in my gall bladder. They did blood work, which was normal, however he thought this was typical of a gall bladder in the early stages of not working correctly. 

I saw my doctor on Monday. He agreed that with the pain I am having, gall bladder issues seem to make sense. My urine tests do not seem to indicate any problems with my kidneys. So he scheduled me for a gall bladder ultrasound, which I had done today . I should get the results back tomorrow or Friday. If it IS my gall bladder, the solution is taking it out. All the doctors seem to think it's quite safe to do this while pregnant, especially since I am in my 2nd trimester now. However, I will be speaking with my OBGYN before the surgery discussion goes much further.

My pain continues to get worse and I am having a hard time bending over, picking Will up, and sneezing and coughing feels like torture. I am praying for quick results so that I can know if it truly is my gall bladder or something else and move on to the next step of trying to fix it. I am quite relieved that problems with the baby have been ruled out.  I will keep everyone updated on my results.

Meanwhile, I have been staring at this gorgeous baby boy! He makes it easy to forget my pain....

This is Will helping me dust. He is very proud of being able to hold on to things with only one hand while standing now!

He sure makes my life sweeter.....


Miller said...

What a cute little boy! I love that last picture! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Kym said...

He's so stinking cute!!! Sorry your feeling gross. Maybe all these tests will tell u if your having a girl or boy sooner though!

Sherry said...

what a cutie!!! hope you're feeling better soon!