Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colds and Spider Legs

Good Morning!

We all have a cold at our house. Daphne and Jack had it first, then Matt had it, then Mason, now Will and I. That is usually the exact order we get colds/flu in our home. Daphne must bring it home from school.

I think there is some divine intervention in me getting sick last, so I can fully take care of my babies while they are sick. :)

So, yesterday I was taking the lid off my water cup(you know, the one they give you at the hospital when you have a baby) to put more water in. There was still about a cup of water in there and I looked in to see a spider leg floating around in the water left in the cup. EW! 

It makes me wonder- Did I drink the rest of the spider? How did a spider get in my closed cup?

Even though I have washed said cup, I am still afraid to use it. Is there a secret trap door that lets spiders in my drink? I am very aware of each sip of water now. 

Alright- better get moving. I have a dirty diaper to change and breakfast to make. Have a great day fellow bloggers!!!

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