Friday, February 20, 2009

Our morning conversations.

Mason to Will this morning: Will- say Va-to.
Mom to Mason: Mason, please don't teach your brother to say Vato.
Mason to Mom: Mom, I am saying Bott-le.
Mom to Mason: Oh. 

Two minutes later- 
Mason to Mom: Mom, what is a Vato?


Will did say his first official word though, outside of Dada and Nini(which is what he calls me).  

We were driving around Wednesday and there was someone in front of me going entirely too slow. I said, "Go." 

I hear this little voice in the back say, "Gooo." 

It was so cute. He is fascinated that he can say a word and will just repeat it again and again.


We are off to Bloomba, a neat new play center that opened up in 2008 in Fort Collins. For those of you that are local and have kids, you should check it out!

It should be lots of fun. Bye!

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