Wednesday, February 18, 2009


10 minutes ago I was in our laundry room starting a load of jeans to wash. I picked up a pair of Will's 12 month jeans and checked the pockets to make sure they were empty. After I put them in the washer, I thought- Would Will really be putting things into his pockets?

Silly mama.

While we are on the laundry subject, I must say I was very surprised when about two years ago(when I started washing not just Mason and my laundry, but also Matt, Daphne and Jack's laundry) to discover that not only can you have a darks, whites, jeans and colors pile but you can also have piles of laundry sorted like this:

Pink and Red load
Green load
Blue load
Brown load
Khaki load( I never owned a pair of khakis, but Matt has lots for work)
Yellow and orange load

It still cracks me up to this day. 

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Kym said...

Love funny mama stories. Hey, how much longer till you know if its a boy or girl baby?