Friday, February 6, 2009

Results and Griping

Matt is home!! I sure missed that sweet husband of mine. 

The doctor called yesterday to let my know that my ultrasound was normal, every part of it. That is good news, except it doesn't explain my pain. He also told me that it could be the early phases of my gall bladder not working/shutting down but that the test to see how well my gall bladder IS functioning (0r not) is not safe for pregnancy. 

The ultrasound showed no gallstones or visible problems with my gall bladder, kidneys or liver. However, the function test checks for other things the ultrasound may not be able to pick up. So, I was advised to wait it out until my pregnancy is over or come back if the pain gets worse, at which point the doc can do more blood work. Since everyone seems to think my gall bladder is in early stages of shut down(that's certainly a technical term, isn't it;) )it doesn't show up in blood work until it progresses. So the thought is, if it IS my gall bladder and it DOES progress, come back and do more blood work so we can prove it and then we can take it out. Or- it may be something else completely- but no body knows what. 

I am frustrated, still hurting and finding it very hard to stay positive. I am trying to just focus on my kids and my family and friends and the good things in life. When I focus on how much I hurt, I get grumpy.

So- these are the 5 things I am putting my focus on today:

1. Praying- it calms me.
2. Singing as loud as I want to my favorite chick music.
3. My beautiful sons- it's hard to be down around such happy little guys.
4. Reading. I am currently into a cooking-murder mystery- type book. It's called The Last Suppers, by Diane Mott Davidson. It's one of  a series and I am loving it.
5. Getting me and my guys out into the sunshine and fresh air. Doesn't that always help? It does me. So, far today we have been out twice and I am planning on hitting the park once Mason wakes up from his nap.

I have some pictures of Mason I will post later tonight. Our Aperture program that holds our pictures is acting funky.  I cannot believe how quickly he is growing. 

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