Monday, March 2, 2009


I am feeling MUCH better than the last time I posted. I am still stuffy and a bit congested but all the other symptoms are gone. WOOHOO! 

I seem to disappear over the weekend from Internet and BlogLand. Matt is home, we usually have our huge brood of 6 all together and I just focus on family time. 

Today has started off great! Mason is all ready for preschool, Will is napping and I am about to take a much needed(alone!)shower. Plus, for once, I feel pretty productive. I have already done two loads of laundry, dishes are next and Mason is busily cleaning his room.

 I have noticed with this pregnancy, I wear out a LOT faster. Between all the tasks required to take care of my boys and keeping up a house PLUS trying to not forget to take care of myself and this little person inside me, I am worn out! 

Part of me is so anxious to get to July and meet this little person and part of me is ok with taking my sweet time getting to July because I am still VERY nervous about how to fit another little life into our current world. We are busy, very busy. I want to cherish and hold and rock and nurse my new little person and yet not forget about my other little people- the 4 (almost 5) year old that still very much needs his momma and the 11 month old(almost 1 year old) that is quite attached to my hip. I try to focus on one day at a time however when I think about July arriving, I worry. I know I will figure it all out, but the initial few weeks and months shall be challenging.

I am definitely showing now! Matt is going to take some pictures of my rapidly swelling belly this week and I will get those up. I am still not feeling the baby move a TON but I do feel him/her several times a day. I cannot wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl! My intuition says it is a girl and I KNEW with both my boys that they indeed were boys. With Mason, his dad and I found out he was a boy. With Will, Matt and I decided to wait- that was such an amazing moment at delivery. However, this time for purposes of being a little more prepared since we are already taking on a lot more with a new member of the family, we are going to find out!

I am still deciding if our gender news is something we are going to keep to ourselves or not. I guess you will find out if I post (or not!)

Also, please be praying for Baby Jonah. You can also link to his blog from my sidebar. Jonah has a VERY rare skin disorder and is in serious condition. His mom is not allowed to hold him or even touch him because of the blisters and skin peeling caused by touch. It is so so sad but I know that prayer CAN and DOES do some amazing things! 

Have an awesome day!


Miller said...

I worked with a young lady who passed away from EB this year. It is a terrible disease and I cannot imagine having a child with EB. I will be praying for Jonah for sure. Thanks for sharing thier story!

Really? said...

Hey coley, good to see an update.