Monday, March 30, 2009

First Things First.....

IT'S A BOY!!! 

I am thrilled to announce that we are going to have one full house of boys...and Daphne. :) I had my quick moment of ok, I guess I am not going to experience girl world, at least, starting from Day One. I then felt great happiness that I have been blessed with healthy, happy, baby boys!!!(that grow up to be toddler boys, preschool aged boys, teenage boys(yikes!) etc. etc.)

Those that are mommas to boys know just how special it is. It's a world that I am fully blessed to be immersed in. He(the baby) is handsome(yes, I can tell already ;)) and healthy and growing just as he should. He is 1 pound, 1 ounce and looks JUST LIKE WILL. Hey, I know it's an ultrasound, but it scared me how similar they look.

I am due August 3rd yet my two ultrasounds have both shown a due date of July 29th. Since the dates are so close, my doctor won't change the due date. However, I am officially calling my due date July 29th. :) 

We talked a bit about what to expect around July. Unfortunately, my past history indicates that I will probably develop preeclampsia near the end of pregnancy. But...who knows? The plan is to schedule my C-section for 39 weeks and see what happens. If I develop preeclampsia, as before, if I am 36 weeks or further, they will deliver me right away. Being as how my preeclampsia was SEVERE with Mason and threatened my life, they don't take chances with me. If I am less than 36 weeks, it will be bed rest- which I find funny, because HOW could I be on bed rest? We would just have to figure it out if it comes to that. 

I did ask the doctor about my options if I go into labor. While I am completely ok with a C-section(especially if the health of my baby or myself or both is put into danger), it would be awesome if I could have a vaginal birth. My doctor said that if I wanted to try I could, but he does not recommend it. He said my chances of success with two previous Cesareans is about 50-60%. I am willing to try it. If I show no signs of developing preeclampsia and I go into labor, I am going to attempt a vaginal birth. I am not going to be stupid and stubborn though- I know the risks. However, I believe it's worth a try. It may never get to that point though. It's pretty much a waiting game. 

Luckily, I have lots to occupy my time while waiting. Will turns 1 on Wednesday and Mason turns 5 next Friday on the 10th. My babies are getting so big! We are having two separate parties because I didn't want Mason to have to share the spotlight for a 1 year old's party. They can share their parties other years. So, we are busy cleaning, preparing and painting(well Matt is) for those. 

I will have a post soon with newest pics of our family, ultrasound pictures and some cute shots of Matt and I. Also, Matt is making a video of Will's first year(including a video of us finding out I was pregnant with him)- I will make sure to get that on here too. 


Kym said...

bedrest sucks!! but you already know that too!! I'm in the vaginal or c-section boat as well. I had a vaginal delivery for Jackson, but
4th degree tears. Some doctors won't allow you to attempt a vaginal birth afterwards because of the unknown, but my doctor says there really isn't enough research to say whether or not my chances are higher of it happening again or not. So, I'm kind of stuck at the moment. Once they finally do let me have this baby I will have to decide!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

Yay for another healthy baby!

I imagine the day you get to find out the sex is so exciting! Although I can completely understand that *moment* when you realize you won't have a girl can be overwhelming.