Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Over people, life and finals.

I am feeling quite discouraged.

It's finals week and I do not feel prepared. There is just not enough time in the day to study all the things. JUST NOT! Ugh.

Also, after pouring out my honest thoughts in yesterday's post, there were MANY page views, 0 comments and 1 person stopped following me. Really?!



ck said...

Hang in there, sweet Cousin-in-law. I was one of the people who didn't comment, but probably not for the self-conscious, post soul-bearing reasons that you are fearing. I meant to comment, but I hesitated. And here is why:

You helped me realize an unpleasant truth about myself, that I too spend WAY too much time yelling at my children. And after this conviction, I needed some time to process. To begin to develop a plan of how to become the Mommy that I *so* want to be. So rather than commenting, I was quietly humbled.

We very rarely know the true impact that we have on the lives of others. It is sometimes subtle, sometimes world-changing, but often unheralded. Please know that you are influencing, shaping and inspiring lives far beyond the 5 little souls that have been entrusted to you.

And *that* is what I meant to write yesterday. :-)

Karen Knight said...

I commented. :) And poo on that non-follower.

Dawn said...

I am, unfortunately, in my second generation of sometimes yelling at kids, and I am sorry to say I kind of passed it on to my daughter - these poor kiddoes! You did a great job of baring your soul, and we all were convicted, I think. As for followers, it is discouraging to me to have so many followers who never comment - ever. But then I only post about once a week or less, so I am sure I have lost many readers!