Wednesday, May 30, 2012

our day, summarized.

This morning I hit and killed a bird while driving. :( In my defense, it was fluttering after a moth in the street and by the time I realized it wasn't moving, it was too late.

I was on my way to meet some friends at our local park. I promised my little boys park play and a train ride on the train that chugs around the park.

However, shortly after arriving, the entire left side of Theo's face became puffy and splotchy and his eye and left nostril were continuously leaking. It was clear he was having an allergic reaction. My godmom (who was there with us) thankfully drove the 5 minutes to her house and grabbed some Benadryl for poor little Theo.

Once the Benadryl kicked in, my baby boy was ready for a nap. So I dragged a screaming Will away from his promised train adventure and managed to get both my little dudes buckled in their seats.

We came home, where the 4 and 2 year olds went straight down for a nap. Mason's dad picks him up from school on Wednesdays so I had no plans for 3 hours. My sink was full of dishes. My living room is cluttered with mess and our bathrooms need a good scrubbing. There is laundry waiting for me, shelves to dust in the little's room and a desk to organize in my own room.

So I took a nap. :)

The house will still be waiting for me tonight. And I feel better equipped to take on the previous tasks, my kids and anything else that comes my way this Wednesday evening.

After all, I believe I still owe my son a train ride.

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