Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ceasing the yelling

I am a yeller. When I get angry, I go straight from 0-3000. It's really surprising that I am not Italian- I would fit in with Italian women so well.

 As I have mentioned here before, I struggle with bi-polar and anxiety disorders. Lately, my nerves feel perpetually shot. I lose my temper easily and in comes the yelling.

This morning, I was trying to stay calm and keep my tone low, yet, I started yelling at one of my children that was not listening. My wonderful Matty very lovingly said to me, "Is that the way you want your children to treat your grandchildren?"

No. The answer is no. I do not want to teach them to yell, but that is exactly what I am going to do if I continue to lose perspective and raise my voice. It is my job to help shape them into souls prepared for this world. Yelling teaches nothing. Patience and kindness will take you much further.

Plus, there's this:

Amen brother/sister!

I am determined to be a more positive example for my children by changing my own attitude, words and behavior. I would love your encouragement and support. :)


Karen Knight said...

I swore to myself I would never be a yeller and I did really well until #3 came along and I lost my mind. It's something I struggle with and have to work very hard at. Some days are better than others. I appreciate what you have to say about it and the reminder that in motherhood we are not alone in our struggles, we are just not always brave enough to admit them and voice it. :)

Sarah Scriberson said...

I'm a yeller but not very often. Honestly, sometimes it's the only way to get the kids attention. I will say to them "I asked you in my nice voice twice, then again in my serious voice and now I am saying it in my angry voice" and as they get older they are starting to know the progression. I have really had to stop the 0 to 3000 thing because I've realized it doesn't give them any warning before the explosion. It's hard though, really hard. Best of luck to you!