Friday, May 11, 2012

Love makes the world go round.

I watch my two youngest (Will and Theo) play together. They love each other so completely. They play, laugh, sometimes get annoyed with each other and take their space, but always coming back to spend their hours with each other.

I separate them for napping, or napping does not happen. Theo naps in their shared room and Will gets Mom and Dad's bed.  Will is not a huge sleeper so he wakes up first. Waiting for his brother and best friend to wake up is agonizing for him. I have to keep my eyes on Will so he won't sneak up the stairs to wake up Theo. Finally- we hear Theo stirring and Will runs upstairs to let him out of their room. Their reunion is so sweet- hugs and kisses and ginormous grins.

Their newest joy is wrestling. They knock each other down, climb on top of one another, roll over each other, and head butt while giggling the whole time. The protector side of me wants to stop them- someone is bound to get hurt. But I don't. I watch them giggle and bond.

I think so much, I want to be like this as a mother. I want to have this trait or be more patient, more loving. When I stop and observe the way my youngest babies love each other, I realize I must be doing something right.  I must be loving them well if they know how to love each other well. 


Heather said...

And they do love so well! You are a great Momma, Cole! Love you and them! Hugs from me and the Gifford boys!

Dawn said...

Very sweet. It's how I feel when I watch the twins play together - absolutely connected at the hip. Don't know what we'll do about having them separated in school or not - which way would be best for them. They are so inseparable. My sis and I were the same - she was born 2 weeks before my first birthday, so we were twins for 2 weeks every year and thought that was so great.