Monday, September 12, 2011

how many people can you fit in YOUR bathroom?

 You know that moment in time where everything in your life {kids, husband, life in general}is creeping up under your skin? Please tell me you know.

Anyway, I reached that place this weekend and knew I needed some time away to just be Nicole.
So I escaped.

Where do I go when I need to escape? To my girlfriends, of course!!

see this tiny bathroom? apparently it fits 5 people!
it was hilarious at the time.

ok, 6! 
here's to stupid jokes that make you laugh until you almost pee! 
but hey, I guess we would have been in the right room if that happened! {ba dum ch}

my girlfriends fill my cup to overflowing...


TwinsWithTots said...

This is too funny and lookin' like you all had a good old time. Now a days all I want is for a non-3year old to walk into the bathrroom while I use it. No privacy for me anymore LOL
Following you and hope you will check us out at too

Jenni said...

You are one of my great loves and I will stuff into any room with you for the rest of my life.. A crawl space with millions of spiders, YEP I will stuff myself in there with you. A room full of stinky hard boiled eggs, YEP I will go in there with you too ! I will go to the ends of the world with you and back ! I love you pretty lady :)

Michelle said...

Im a new GFC follower from the monday blog hop. would love a return follow on my blog as well.

Kara said...

I'm starting to get a complex about my powder room - I didn't think it was all that bad!