Saturday, September 17, 2011

it is what it is.

Its early Saturday afternoon in these parts and I am needing to accomplish a plethora of math homework and Human A&P studying. 

I really feel like the 3 1/2 months school is in session {just the fall} and the 4 months in the spring semester  are madness. 

My house is a disaster. My kids live on Disney movies. And it just is what it is. I cannot make more time magically appear. Papers and studying take priority. Also? My anxiety medicine disappears down my throat much more rapidly. Don't worry, I am not overdosing it or anything. I take it on an as needed basis and during the school year it is much more needed. 

So that's what it is here. I am in survival mode. I am already itching for it to be December, because that means I get a month long break and the constant stress, worry and crazy time balancing game calms for a month. 

How is your Saturday going???

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Dawn said...

I can only imagine. I have the girls a lot lot lot while Kristen does her on line classes - but it'll be worth it!