Friday, September 2, 2011

clickety click

Kelly's Korner is hosting a favorite bloggers link up and I am participating!

Without further ado, here are five bloggers that I cannot get enough of!

1. Kalli at My life as a Kalli is a Mormon stay at home mom of two adorable boys and I love her take on the world!

2. Stacia at Five of Spaids is a stay at home mama of three awesome kids. She is a friend of a friend and we met through our blogs! I love her superpower of jumping right into my brain, picking the words out I was thinking and putting them in her post. I really relate to her.

3. Natalie blogs at Nat the Fat Rat, lives in New York and has the squishiest baby boy ever. AND his name is Huck- it doesn't get cuter than that. I appreciate the rambliness of her posts and her humor!

4. Chrissa at A Snapshot of Us is actually my cousin through marriage! Even though we have never met in person, I think she is one amazing mother and person, and her writings often touch my heart.

5. Jess at The Macs blogs about the loss of her baby girl, Cora, her handsome son Levi, her impending baby boy arrival, and her walk with God. Her decorating skills are amazing, and I wish I knew this woman in real life.

These are some of my favorite blogs, what's one of yours?


ck said...

You are so sweet :-) And we *will* meet someday - just as soon as my sanity is strong enough to handle these 3 crazy children stuffed into the backseat of a Camry for 37,000 hours (or however long it takes to drive to your state) ;-)

Stacia said...

I........cannot say how much it means that you put me on this list. Like, really. It completely and totally made my day. You know, a month and 4 days ago. I read all the blogs on your sidebar, you have really great taste and I enjoy them all. Thanks, Nicole!