Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's Wednesday, I haven't had my coffee yet and I only know four things.

1. I just had leftover chili for breakfast. Best!Breakfast!Ever!

2. I have an extraordinary amount of laundry/dishes/dusting/homework to do today and not one ounce of energy to begin.

3. All of my boys have colds. Even the adult boy.

4. There will be an obscene amount of children's movies played in my living room today. See #2.

Happy Wednesday!! What do you know today?


Dawn said...

I know it's raining and I can't make myself get dressed and go to the gym, then to story time, as is our custom on Wednesdays - the twinnies and me. They're playing with hand-held Leapster games and I'm reading a book. It's good!

Anonymous said...

I know that I am on my period and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a heating pad....

I have a dentist appointment to have my tooth drilled at 1:15 and I REALLY hate dentists.

It is EXTREMLEY warm here at work today and I want to rip all of my clothes off

and.....I know I am one lucky girl to have you for a friend :o)

-KiKi <3

AngelaK said...

1. There is not enough chocolate in the house to satisfy my craving.

2. I'm out of smokes and can't get any until Friday. That is gonna be fun!

3. The world is getting more and more dangerous.

That's pretty much it. LOL Oh, and I'm a new follower from the blog hop on Frugal Invitation. Feel free to stop by!

Beeb said...

I feel for you, I'm running on two pots of coffee today! LOL!

I am a new GFC follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop!