Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We park in our usual spot- right by the flowers. I unbuckle Theo's seat and scoop him out. He was just sleeping, and has that freshly woken dazed look.

I carry him. He nuzzles his spot in my neck. "Doowwnnnn", he says.

He waddles along. I hear him breathe in deeply and think, He is going to sneeze.

Then CHOO! He shakes it off and stares up at me. Smiles.

"Do you want my hand, buddy?" "Yaahhhhhhh...."

I walk, he waddles, hand in hand into the preschool building to pick up his big brother.


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Jo said...

Bliss is right. This made me smile.

Heather McMurray said...

This was precious :)

Melissa said...

I love little sneezes. My oldest has sneezed two time when he first goes in the sun, his whole life.