Thursday, September 8, 2011

round and round and it's wonderful.

This morning I dropped my 3 year old dude off at preschool.
Then I took my 2 year old dude to story time.

Our story time rocks! There is not constant shhh-ing and asking toddlers to sit. Instead, kids are encouraged to move, jump, sing, laugh and The leader of this story time loves children with all her heart and it shows. Her patience is endless. Her joy is genuine. It's a good time. Because of this, it's a BIG group. I am talking at least 20 parents with 1-2 kiddos a pop. Big!

Mr. Theo prefers to sit in my lap, rather than dance around. {Go figure. The kid won't stop moving at home, I take him out in public and Wham! I have a lap buddy!}

Today, as I was singing 'The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round, round and round, round and round' I looked around at 20 other parents singing it with me. 20 other parents spending time with their kids being silly. 20 other parents who get it.

And I realized I am right where I am supposed to be. 

I am a stay at home mama and I am so blessed. So, very, very blessed.


ck said...

I love it! Sometimes I almost feel guilty that I get to be a stay at home mom. I know it is not the right choice for everyone, but by golly, I too feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be one :-)

Marilyn said...

Love it.. :)) I'm following ya officially from Bassigiraffe thursday blog hop today..Lovely blog you have here.Can't wait to read more.. Hope you can stop by & visit me sometime / follow back.. TY So much.. Have a great week.Marilyn from

Ms. Burrito said...

Hi there, I am a new follower. I would be so happy if you can join my blog. Thanks!

Dawn said...

The twins did the same thing at that story time - I did all the singing and they sat one on each knee. Katie is beginning to participate more at the toddler story time. I miss the little kid one, but it is SO crowded and they're really too big. Maybe we'll do Thursday next week anyway, so we can see you two.