Tuesday, August 16, 2011

we have reached THAT point.

the point where my kid needs to use the potty. or even go once. or have some freaking interest!

i try not to be affected by the fact that three year olds all around us are potty trained! but i am!


So: questions for you!

1. When said kid {i am looking at you, will} flat out refuses to use the potty, do you force them?
2. What has worked for YOU???
3. Since Theo is newly 2, is it wise or insane to just potty train them both?? {it makes me crazy happy to think of no.more.diapers! in our house!}


ck said...

Mateo has ZERO interest in using the potty. (he will be 3 one month from today) I asked him today if he wanted to go sit on it, and he cocked his head and replied "ummmmm....no." He is one of those people who, if you say something is black, he will say it is white, so I know I can't force it with him. I have 0 words of wisdom, but just wanted to let you know I am right there with ya :-)

Dawn said...

The girlies have no interest at all, and they're over 3 1/2. I don't know what will happen with preschool coming up!

They love to wear Dora and princess unders, and pull-ups. They like to play with the big potty. They played potty tonight in the church nursery - they were playing people on a bus and all the people had to go potty. I'd love to tell you what Katie said one day, but it probably should not be here.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Same thing happening here... :/


Nicole said...

Timothy was over 3 when he was potty trained. The ONLY thing that worked was to leave him alone. I tried so hard since he was 18 months old to get him potty trained and he flat out refused to have anything to do with it. The minute I left it alone and payed no attention to it, he started peeing on the potty all on his own. We have never looked back.

Mason just turned 3 and he is the same way. I thought because his older brother goes on the potty he would be easier to potty train. NOPE, he wants nothing to do with the potty. So I am just kind of not pushing it too much.

I am praying Taylor is easier than the boys! :) Good luck!

The Shoup Family said...

I am so glad I saw this! Riley has ZERO interest at all. He will be 4 in November, and everyone is putting pressure on us to get him potty trained, but he just does not want to. We have tried prizes, candy, special videos, treats, everything! He knows exactly what he will get for going #1 and #2 on the potty, and will recite it as he is doing it in his diaper. He wants the things, but doesn't want to go on the potty yet. I decided not to worry about it, and told him that he has to go before he turns 4. That is our goal. If he isn't going at 4, then we will push it more. He will tell me he has to poop then ask if he is 4 yet. When I tell him no, he says, "ok!" and goes in his diaper. It is maddening, but oh well. :)

Heather McMurray said...

I just took the diaper off and that was that. He would get mad and even FREAK OUT when he had to go to the bathroom but I just told him, When you need to go potty, tell me and we will use the potty. 12 times of peeing on himself, on my carpet and finally, down my heater vent, he got sick of it and peed on the potty. Poop on the potty took a LOT longer. That's my best advice!