Saturday, August 6, 2011

i can't call him a baby anymore.

                                                                  but i still will!

                                        two years ago today, I met my beautiful, 9 lb baby!

                                                           and I fell in love immediately.

                             Yet, time will do as it sees fit, and it sees fit to keep on moving!

                                                               Two month old snugglebug.

                                                                     Oh, the cheeks!


Mohawks Rock.

Baby power.

Michelin Man.

Our blue-eyed, baby boy!

Hunk of love.

Best bruvers. 

Blessed by my boys. 

I heart my baby.

8 months old.

10 months old.

1 year old!


Daddy time equals roughhousing time.

Bad hair day. :)

You are my sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray.

I love you, my sweet little guy.

Sweet, sleeping angel.

Thank you for perfectly completing our family. 

Happy Birthday little guy!! Mama loves you!!


stacia said...

Aw, happy birthday Theo! I will definitely have to make you a little shirt to match your brothers. I love the picture of him over the back of your shoulder - its so sweet! Needs to be in a frame! And kind of perfect, since he has spent so much time on your hip these 2 years!

Tina Michelle said...

I hope his birthday was as lovely as he is!