Wednesday, April 6, 2011

in which I use many exclamation marks!!

So, I have this new love! shhhh....please don't tell Matt, I am not ready to share the news yet! ;)

Its name is OPAL! as in the vintage store the wonderful Mandy from Harper's Happenings runs!
Basically, Mandy has a great thrifting eye and does all the work for you {because as much as I love thrifting, it just doesn't happen with two toddlers.}

Your day cannot be complete unless you go check it out...and because seeing is believing, here are some of my purchases from Opal! I told you I love color!

pretty cardi!

to hang in my *red* kitchen!

a spring bag! love it!

my little dutch people for my office space! they also face each other and kiss!

pretty coral earrings!

adorable corduroy vintage overalls for Will! Will loves overalls! 

little mellow yellow turtle! for holding treasures! also for my office space!

vintage glasses! see the red and black squares in the corners? ca-UTE!

and my favorite find so far: A Le Sportsac duffel!!!!!

**all photos taken by Mandy of Harper's Happenings for her amazing store, Opal!**

She also has amazing vintage dresses, a huge array of little girls clothing, tons of funky, unique decor for your home and lots of old school dishware! 

Go check it out!!

and no, I am not getting paid for this post...but when one is in love, one must share with the world, right? Right!


Stacia said...

One must, definitely! I love your purchases. What a food idea to sell trifled things! My favorites are the sunglasses and bag on the bottom:)

Stacia said...

Good. Not food!

Dawn said...

What fun stuff!!