Monday, April 11, 2011

This may or may not be a pointless story.

This morning, I woke up grouchy. And desperately needing coffee! Except, we were out of coffee.
After we dropped Mason off at school, the little people and I went to Target...and our Target has a Starbucks!!! ::doing the happy dance::
We shopped, rang out, and headed to the Starbucks {I swear I heard angels singing as I spotted that beautiful green sign}.

I grabbed my bag of coffee for home and then ordered my grande, 1 pump, soy mocha with no foam and no whip at kid temperature. {why yes, I AM high maintenance, thank you very much}

We walked out of Target and arrived at our car. I set my coffee on the bumper. As I reached to grab kiddo number one to strap in, I hit my precious coffee, which then crashed to the ground, releasing all of the wonderful liquid. I watched every drop spill onto the pavement.

And then I cried.

Seriously, I did. So, if you happened to be at the Target by my house at 10 am-ish today and saw a pathetic woman sobbing while she held her child, that was me.

Then I got mad. At who, I am not really sure. The coffee, myself, the dang bumper-it doesn't matter. I marched back into the store to order another {because at this point, I was DETERMINED I was going to have a coffee drink, come hell or high water}.
The AWESOME barista then made me another drink, free of charge, while I fought the urge to bear hug her.

**Side note: I did try to tip her but apparently Starbucks employees of Starbucks in Target are really Target employees and cannot accept tips. **
 {Do sidenotes belong at the bottom of the post? Meh.}

I walked back outside, opened my door, stuck my new coffee drink into my cup holder, THEN put my boys in their seats, and drove home.

While sipping my drink. :)

PS That was the best coffee I have ever had!


Stacia said...

Not pointless. Makes me feel better to know I'm not alone when similar things happen to me! I'm glad she gave you another drink for free, when people are nice it seems like everything will be okay.

Dawn said...

I have cried about stuff this week, too. Call it too much on the hard drive!