Friday, April 1, 2011

Our April Fool's Blessing!!

Once upon a time there was this guy and this girl:

 who met and fell in love. And then decided to conceive a baby three weeks after they met. (Yes, I KNOW! It was ridiculous! Never did I ever believe in love at first sight until it happened to me! )

That belly with that little baby in it grew and grew!

until that little baby inside that belly decided, for a few reasons, it wanted out! and 3 weeks early at that! Which made this little one our April Fool's Baby!!

and then we learned that little baby was a little *BOY*!! 

and we were thrilled! Yes,  just 9 months after I met Matt, we were now parents to this amazing little person-William Matthew!

So in love! 

The proud daddy!

And the tired mama!

And then he met his older siblings: Daphne, Mason and Jack!

Jack wasn't too sure yet. 

And then our Will just grew and grew!

Hello teething stage and shirts covered in drool. :)

And hello precious little one that melts my heart. 

Until Mr. Will became two-
Which brought things like:
Protests at storytime and, well, who are we kidding- protests EVERYWHERE!!

Sleeping in drawers!

But we made it through the terrible two's and my sweet, loud, stubborn, loving little guy is now THREE!

Happy Birthday Big Guy! You are compassionate, smart as a whip and so funny! You are beautiful just the way you are and I cannot wait to see what "freeee" (3) holds for us!

By far, this little boy is the best crazy choice I have ever made. :)


Amber said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite three year old! I am so blessed that I get to hang out with you twice a week!

Stacia said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Will!
I love this post, Nicole, its beautiful. And you are so pretty!

Also, I was typing this to you on my phone that I don't 100% have figured out and when I went back to reread it, instead of your name it said "Income" and I laughed for like five minutes. :)

Nicoolmama said...

You just cracked me up, Stacia!

Thank you so much!

Angela Gindy said...

he's soooooooooo big, already three! seems like yesterday, when I first met Will, here in Cal. Love you Will. Enjoy your freeee birthday!