Monday, April 25, 2011

Is having 5 kids a good enough excuse? Yes?

No, you are not hallucinating. 
This is one of my laundry mountains. Yes, just one.  
Things got a bit out of hand this weekend. 
We were out and about quite a bit and I did not do my normal 4 loads a day. 
{And frankly, when we were home, I didn't feel like doing any!}
So here we are again: I catch up on laundry, then I get behind on laundry, wash, rinse, repeat.
{And all the Mamas say Amen!}


Stacia said...

Amen! Four loads a day? You are dedicated lady. I absolutely positively need to figure out some sort of system that keeps it from becoming too overwhelming. I just can't stomach the thought of folding ALL those clothes. Yeah, I can wash 'em, dry 'em........but fold them? Put them away? Ughhhhhhhhh.......

Nicoolmama said...

Hi Stacia!
If I don't do four loads, it becomes soooo overwhelming like this!! I will come fold for you if you wash for me!! yes?

Dawn said...

Kristen is in the same boat, and since I have them so often, I am pretty much the same - I don't mind the washing, the drying, even the folding - it's the putting away that hangs me up!