Wednesday, March 23, 2011

stream of consciousness, much?

I am sitting here in bed with my babies { I will forever call them my babies} letting them suck on my Vitamin C drops that have a permanent home here on my nightstand.

I just bought new Crocs online for my dudes. I will always-always stand by Crocs.
1.) They are easy for kids to get on.
2. )They come in the most amazing colors and I LOVE color!
3.) Did I mention they are easy for kids to put on?? and when you are trying to get out the door with 3/2/5/however many are home at the time kids, anything that makes the task easier is my friend.

I am feeling much, much better and am almost done with my antibiotics. I had to fire my nanny ( she comes over on the two days I attend school) this morning. Ew. NOT.FUN. But it had to be done.

I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym but decided we just needed a day to not have any plans, have to go anywhere. So that's just what we are doing! and it's wonderful!!

Happy Wednesday Friends! What are you up to today?


Stacia said...

I love crocs, too!

I'm so glad you're feeling better. I'm sorry you had to fire your nanny, that's rough!

Mot Juste said...

sista can't resist her. Dude, glad to see you didn't cancel the gym membership!

the nanny reminds me of that song:

Nicolasa, nicolasa,
demme demme que te pasa?

Dawn said...

So glad you're better - Crocs would gbe nice for the girlies. Maybe I should order some for them. They have some fake ones, but they're getting too small.

Nicoolmama said...

bahaha Justin!!! i will never forget.