Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Don't worry...be happy!

Hi friends!

I am sloowwwwllyyy coming out of my funk, and just in time because:

March is National Optimism month!!!

So I am going to focus on the good this month, because life really *is* beautiful!

Oh, you want an example? Mmmkay then, I just haappppeeennn to have one for you. ;)

My last class was cancelled today so I picked up Mason from school myself and took my boy for ice cream and to pick up his first reward earned from the good 'ol sticker chart!
 I then lost my keys by leaving them in a cart in Wally World whilst looking for a childrens alarm clock {yes, my kid is a nerd and wants an alarm clock for his reward}. We went out to the car to sit and wait for someone to turn in my keys.

Mason: "Mom?"
Mom: "Yeah?"
Mason: "I love you."
Mom: "I love you too Mason. A LOT!"
Mason: "I love you more."
Mom: "I don't think you could love me more than I love you, because I carried you in my belly and waited and waited for you. You were made to be my son."
Mason: "You were made to be my mom and you are the best mom for me ever!"

Wow, just wow. If I can't find the optimism and beauty in that statement, then I can't find it anywhere! right? I am blessed beyond belief with amazing, amazing kids who make me laugh, cry, question, think, and grow.

so to sum up this post: 
- be HAPPY in March!
- my son is a nerd! {a cute nerd! with auburn hair and freckles to boot!}
- being a mom rocks!


Stacia said...

National Optimism Month, huh? How about that!

That conversation between you and Mason is just precious.

Dawn said...

I love it! Hayley loves having an alarm of her own. Very cute.

I was so excited the other day when little Emma said, "You're the best grandma ever!" Can't get better than that, eh?