Friday, March 4, 2011

Giving me the heeby-jeebies!!

We live in a small town, by a bunch of fields.
Which means, when it gets cold, in come the mice. Ugh! EW! Shivershudderskincrawlingdisgustingness!!!

I shut down when I see a mouse scurry across the floor. I freeze and freak. Oh and scream.

And that happened tonight. SOoooooooo gross!!

Matt just looked at me and smirked, like, Are you done screaming yet? Such a boy.

Anyhow, usually we put out Dcon traps that are covered so it kills them and then you can release the lever, it drops the dead mouse into the trash bin and we {meaning Matt, I do not touch these} reset and use again-see below.

The lady that lived in this home before us was disgusting! and didn't clean, um, EVER! so the mice problem was B.A.D when we first moved in- we caught over 20! in a week! ew!

It's not quite as bad now but out come the traps again! I hate MICE!!!!!!

Have any of you ever had an encounter with a mouse in your home?


Tina Michelle said...

Eww, yucky, hate mice!

Amber said...

Well, if Matt ever goes out of town and there's a mouse issue you can find sanctuary here! LOL That was fun last time!

Coe said...

We have plastic that covers our stairs. One time a mouse got stuck in the plastic. Misty our cat was trying to get it out. If I didn't hate mice so badly it would have been funny. But I was probably on the table! :)

Dawn said...

Two mouse stories - once when the kids were tiny, we had company for the week-end in our tiny first house. They were all 4 sleeping on the floor in the small living room - a mouse scampered over them! He (she?) headed behind the washer/dryer in the tiny, cramped laundry area - we set a Dcon trap and never saw it again - but I kept thinking of it being down there somewhere.

Then there was the time Kristen was reading Ralph S. Mouse when she was about 6 or so. She woke us up in the night because of a scratching noise in her room - turns out there was a tiny mouse in her trash can - her daddy took the trash can out into the culdesac, and the last we saw, he was scampering across the circle as fast as he could go - the next day my neighbor said she had a mouse in her garage.

Oh, there's another one - Kev bought a mouse at WalMart as a pet (Yes, yuck!) Of course, it got loose. We had a dachschund who chased it under the stove - I opened the bottom drawer of the stove and closed it on the mouse, (by accident!) Fritz, the dog, kept sniffing in that spot for months afterward.

Well, that's enough!

Dawn said...
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Anonymous said...

too bad that neighbor cat found another home!