Monday, November 15, 2010

I know, I know

it's November 15-
 you do NOT want to see any more Halloween pictures....but I left my camera at the in-laws for 2 weeks PLUS I worked too dang hard on my children's costumes not to share!!

SO one last Halloween post on the web. Please forgive me...

                                                                 My Cat in the Hat
                                                                At Mason's class party

                                              Pinning the nose on the pumpkin {way off, bud!}

                                                            Crazy vampire teeth!

And on Halloween night, we took 5 crazies out!
Yes, people, this is reality. Trying hard to get 5 to smile whilst all looking in the same direction and wear their Thing Two wig{I am looking at you Theo} is not that easy. This was like, Take 400 and I was pushing myself hard to look happy! 
In case it's hard to tell, we have a Bride of Frankenstein, Darth Vader, Cat in the Hat with his Thing One and Two. 

But then it got way more fun!

Will loved wearing his wig{which was actually a blue boa hot glue-gunned on a beanie}, getting free candy from perfect strangers, being included with his big brothers, pretty much every.single.thing.about. Halloween! 

Theo, on the other hand.....
would NOT wear his wig. This is him telling me NO! 
BUT once the stinkin' wig was off, he had a blast!!

I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! Each one of our kids has such a unique and wonderful personality and when you combine them all, it makes for amazingness. Amazingness I get to be a part of daily!!

 Hope your Halloween was spectacular! Now *please* take the the rest of our Halloween candy... I am in a chocolate coma! :)

*Side Note- Daphne is not in any other photos besides the first because she went trick or treating with her neighborhood friends and their parents- and the girl made BANK on some candy.


Melissa said...

I LOVE the Thing 1 & Thing 2! Especially the wigs!

The Fab Four said...

LOVE the costumes! They look GREAT!!