Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have to start somewhere...

and I AM!!!

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This week has been dubbed shoe week. These two lovelies now belong to MOI!!!
courtesy of zappos.com

courtesy of oldnavy.com

On a day when no clothes fit, shoes ALWAYS fit. And that makes me *happy!*
What makes you happy today?


Stacia said...

You are making me happy today! Your pink shoes are TOO cute. I love them and may have to buy some...
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

Dawn said...

My happiest moments today involve Emma especially - she loves to sing along in the car - turns out she knows the words to all the Sunday School songs the big girls always listens to. Who knows how much they're absorbing every minute of every day - Be Very Careful!! Anyway, today she also got kinda snarky and was making a really yucky noise saying "No" I did it back to her in the same voice and she tried to keep from laughing, but didn't succeed. It was such fun to watch. Unfortunately, the same method did NOT work for Katie.

Nicoolmama said...

Stacia- that comment made me even HAPPIER!!

I love that Dawn!